TDA Clan

The Division Agents Clan is a community of players with 3 goals:

  1. Clean, fair, and enjoyable play for all members.
  2. A community in which all members are supported.
  3. A group that supports the gaming community as a whole.

These 3 goals are the backbone of TDA Clan; all members are asked to strive to uphold these goals. TDA Clan has a simple organizational structure as a whole: the Clan Master who presides over all gaming platforms (PC, PS4, and Xbox One), and three Clan Leaders. The Clan Leaders are responsible for a specific platform; the Clan Master fulfills the role as one of the Clan Leaders. Leadership structure is further outlined in the Code of Conduct.

TDA Clan is obviously built around Tom Clancy’s The Division, but all members are encouraged to play all games together. TDA Clan asks , however, that if members are playing on behalf of TDA Clan (i.e. using a clan tag, playing competitively) that the members continue to uphold the clan’s 3 goals.


* Tom Clancy’s The Division Only
Squads will consist of 4 players. Squads can be formed by members or assigned by leadership. All squads should have a goal in mind (i.e. relaxed, immersion, progression). Squads are not limited by time zone, but may be preferable to the player.

Global Community

TDA Clan is a global clan. We have members stationed in Asia, Europe, and North America. Members may prefer to play with members in common time zones, but this is not enforced in any way.


A TeamSpeak server is available for all members of TDA Clan. There is almost always someone idling on the server; feel free to come chat!