Dragon´s Nest – Incursion Guide

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Dragon´s Nest – Incursion Guide

Postby JokerUnique » Mon Dec 26, 2016 4:45 pm


Dragon´s Nest is the first Incursion against the Cleaners and it was added with the Underground DLC – so without that extension, you will not be able to play this Incursion. Dragons´s Nest is located in the Hell´s Kitchen District and is available once you have finished the General Assembly Mission and have reached Level 30.

Dragons´s Nest is a fight against the Cleaners, so you face a lot of elemental damage like explosions and fire, so when you are just in the gearing up process, think about equipping the 2-piece Final Measure piece, to at least get the 25% Exotic Damage Resilience.

In this Incursion – especially with PUGs – you have to combine Immunization Stations, Recovery Link and First Aid to always keep your health up and protect yourself against the fire. For the offensive, you can combine SmartCover / Pulse and Special Ammo to burn down the enemies.

Gear Sets
With the new balance, there is a lot more tolerance when you build your group in comparison to 1.3 difficulty. You can still combine Tacticians Authority, with Sentry´s Call and Striker, but in reality, you can basically run any combination at the moment.

When you attempt the Incursion on Tier 5, it recommended, that you have a full set of 256 Gear, 50% Damage Mitigation and between 350k and 400k Toughness. DPS is not really a value that is reliable, but it is also good to have between 100k – 200k Skillpower to have enough healing.

Dragon´s Nest is an Incursion that has long distances, so unless you run the new Frontline (D3-FNC) Set, focus on Assault Rifles / LMGs and Marksman Rifles when you equip yourself, because you often have to shoot enemies across the room.

The biggest hazards in this incursions are the Controller (the ones with the tool above their heads) and their small cars. They will roll towards you and detonate in your face – unless you shoot them first. So in each segment – except the last one – focus on these NPCs first to take them out of the equation - it is best to assign one player to car-duty and to keep an eye out for the cars to shoot them before they reach you. Once they are dead – run through the usual kill-order.

Part 1 – The Corridor
You start the Incursion in a small corridor and once you activate the explosives, the corridor will be flooded by big Tanks and a multiple numbers of rushers. You can either work with Smart Cover on the truck that is standing at the beginning of the Corridor, or put up a Mobile Cover / Support Stations to have some protection against the approaching enemies.

Once the initial wave of tanks is destroyed – push forward to clear out the the next wave, while they are still inside the building so that you can combine Sentry Marks with Striker stacks and the other Gear Set Talents.


Again focus on the Controller as soon as you have a window between the Rushers and the Tanks. Once these NPCs are finished, follow the hallway to the next segment.

Part 2 – The Collective
This is the famous Four Horsemen section that was so popular in the 1.3 era.

This section has multiple phases.
    1) Clear the Area
    2) Kill the next wave of NPCs
    3) Kill the Collective / Four Horsemen.

The first two phases are the usual trash-mob clean-up. Follow the usual kill-order (Rushers, Controllers, Snipers, rest). You can either stick to the entrance of the area, the middle tower or the other end of the area. From all positions you have a good overview over the area and can combine Sentry Markers with focus fire.

View from the Tower

Once the area is cleared we enter the third and final phase in this segment and this is where you have to be aware of multiple things.

red = ammo boxes
green = covers

As soon as phase 2 is cleared, you have a few moments to re-position yourself and the Four Horsemen will spawn. All four of them are slow NPCs and when you position yourself correctly, you can group them up and kite them around the map.

The most important thing here is, that at the beginning you don´t kill the Bosses, but just destroy their armor. Because when you kill just one of them, you will face endless waves of respawning NPCs and when you are with PUGs, this is the point where it has a very high chance to go south. So wear them down, destroy their armor and then burn them down together in one big push with the support of Tactical Link.

While you are kiting the Bosses, you can follow this path around the area. Wait on the balcony until the four of them group up and then move around the map and stop on these positions:


Position 1

Position 2

Position 3

When you keep these points in mind, work slowly and systematically, you should have no problem with this section. Most of it, it is a DPS question, but a lot is just tactics.

Part 3 – The Road to Hell

This is a short transition segment before the last big fight. It is basically a long corridor that you have to clear out before you move on. It is a two wave segment, where you first have to clear out the NPCs that are already present and then there is a second wave from the door on the left.

Just work with the cover that is present and focus on the Controllers first – so that you have no problem with the cars, and then clear out the rest.

Part 4 – Dragon 1
The last fight is probably the most complex fight we have so far and for those that have MMO and Raid experience, they will feel right at home. Burning floors, waves of NPCs and buttons to push at the same time – these are the foundation blocks of many Raids in other MMOs. So what do you need to be aware of:

This confrontation has three recurring phases. You have to simultaneously push two buttons, then you have to survive multiple waves of enemies and then push the next two buttons. This repeats three times in total and then you have to drop the tank on the firetruck. Between these waves, you have to survive the burning floor wile you are under fire from NPCs.

In the last room you have to do some preparations:

Button Pusher
Assign two players – preferably with mics – as button pushers. They work with Survival Link to push the buttons as soon as they become active. Especially when you reach the last phase where you have to dump the tank – because, when this does not happen fast enough, you hit the enrage timer and the room is flooded with green fire and all players die instantly.

They will become active one by one after the "survive the attack" - phase, so be prepared and move yourself into position, as soon as the room is cleared.

Even though you can avoid the fire – especially with PUGs, it is recommended, that two player use one Immunization Station and one Healing Station to protect yourself against the fire and to revive yourself, in case there was a problem. Two players should at least have Recovery Link Equipped, so that you can revive and heal the team in case multiple players are going down.

Other Skills
In addition to the mentioned Skills, at least one player should be equipped with Pulse to identify the enemies and First Aid to heal up during the fire waves. Seeker Mines are also very helpful to get the NPCs out of cover.

Map and Positions

The map of the last fight is pretty clear. You start at the bottom, you have to push 3 sets of buttons (yellow) and then drop the tank on the Firetruck. There are two ammo boxes on the left and the right wall (red) and there are multiple positions where you can take cover (green). Depending on the fire waves, you can rotate through the covers to avoid the fire and still have a clear shot on the NPCs.

Main position

Position left

Position right

Position Center

Position Center left

Position center right

Burning Floor
Other configurations

The burning floor is a very classic raid mechanic and as usual with these mechanics, you can avoid the fire, when you position yourself on the right spot or run ahead of the fire. When the fire wave starts, the areas that will be on fire are marked and then they flicker when the fire is dropped. This way you know where to position yourself and chose the right cover. As you see on the sketch above, the room is separated in nine segments and from time to time only few are active, and sometimes all of them.

There are multiple configurations how the fire drops and after a few runs, you know where to stand and how to react. The most difficult part is still when the full room is on fire. During this phase you have two options. You can either hunker down and protect yourself with Immunization Station and heals, or run ahead of the fire, but unless you are clear of NPCs, the fire in combination with the NPCs can cause a wipe. So decide tactical.

While Immunization Stations can protect you against the fire, the Energy Bar will remove the Status Effects, so use it in tight situations.

This process repeats three times until you have to drop the tank and finish off the Incursion. At that point you just need to secure the room and then grab the loot.

Last Words
This is a very interesting Incursion and even with the 1.5 balance, it is still tricky. But it is also a lot more forgiving than 1.3 and this is why you can also move around, avoid the fire and use the tactics above to finish off the incursion.

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