State of the Game: May 11th, 2017

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State of the Game: May 11th, 2017

Postby JokerUnique » Thu May 11, 2017 8:51 pm


Besides the usual maintenance duties, no changes were made to the game.

This was a very short and to the point State of the Game. There was an update about the ETF and 1.6.1, but we don´t have a release date yet.

Hot Topics

  • The PTS closed yesterday
  • They got very good feedback
  • They are also happy that they could implement the inventory expansion and that it apparently had no big issues

Update 1.6.1
  • They are finalizing the build now to have it ready in the next couple of days
  • Then they send it to verification by Sony and Microsoft
  • The release is still scheduled for May, but they have not committed to a date, since the verification process is out of their hands

ETF (Elite Task Force) Charlie
  • The emails have been sent, so check your emails now
  • 12 People have been invited
  • When you did not get an email, you were not invited
  • There will also be surveys and daily updates for the general public, to be a bit more transparent of what is going on.
  • They can´t stream the ETF because of NDA.
  • There will also be no State of the Game during the ETF in two weeks.
  • Members of ETF Alpha and ETF Bravo will also be included in the discussion.

Dark Zone Survey
As announed on Monday, there is a Dark Zone Survey active, where you can give feedback about the Dark Zone, what your prefered activitiy is and how the whole Rogue Mechanic could be improved.

This survey will close tomorrow, so give feedback while you can:

=> Link

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