State of the Game: July 20th, 2017

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State of the Game: July 20th, 2017

Postby JokerUnique » Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:03 pm


This State of the Game was mostly an announcement of PTS 3 for consoles and also revealed some changes that will be implemented in the final build.

Update 1.7 PTS
PTS 3 will probably be the last iteration – but they are waiting on the feedback of the console players before they make the final decision

Console PTS 3
  • PTS 3 is coming to console next week on Tuesday (if all works out)
  • Same build as PC and also same patch notes
  • With one exception:
    - Shotgun SASG will be changed specifically for Consoles to counter the shotgun meta
    - SASG will get a higher initial bullet spread when you do the first shot, to put it more in line with the other shotguns
    - The shotgun change is just included in the console PTS, but it will drop for all platforms when Update 1.7 is deployed.
    - So please test that weapon out - but also test the other Gear Sets.

Console PTS Invite Process
  • Yes it was a mess
  • It will be improved for the next PTS, because they are also not satisfied
  • Two criteria were not mentioned:
    - You have to be 18 to participate in the PTS
    - You have to allow Ubisoft to send you promotional email, when that is not allowed, they can’t send you invites
  • But besides that, many players that should have been invited, were still not invited
  • If you think you should have been invited – contact Ubi-Support, they can double check and send you a key afterwards

Recalibration on Console
  • Will be activated when PTS 3 Drops

Classified Drops and obtaining Classifieds Pieces
Over the last couple of weeks, they got a lot of feedback about the drop rates of Classified Gear Sets and they intend to change that for launch:

  • For PTS 3 the lootpool of the Global Event Caches was limited, so that you have higher chance to get Classifieds and Exotics – but it was still not enough with 30%

Because of that, they implemented the following changes that will be available at launch:

  • You will get 2 guaranteed items from each Global Event Cache and you also have a chance to get a bonus drop.
  • On top of that, you have a 50%+ chance to get a Classified item, that should help you to get the pieces you want.
  • That makes it more rewarding, but you still have to work for it.

  • The price for the Global Event Cache will be 1500 Tokens, but they changed the drop rates of GE Tokens – now you should get a cache for every hour normal gameplay (challenging missions)
  • Classified Caches have also been added to the Leaderboards, so when you perform good, you get a guaranteed Classified item from these caches
  • Besides the Classified Cache, you can also get vanity items from the Leaderboards.

Other Changes for launch
Overhaul of the UI
  • They are also working on the UI of the game, so that you know when some of the new buffs are active and can adjust accordingly. (Icon besides the name and green healing aura etc)
  • That will also be implemented when 1.7 launches

Global Event Caps
  • Total GE Token cap has been increased to about 10k, so that you can have a long session without running to the vendor after every other mission.
  • You can keep all the tokens between the events and the Global Event Vendor stays active

Classified Gear Set changes for PTS 3
(also listed in the patch notes)

  • Healing amount has been lowered in PTS 2, but you still got too much healing without doing something specific
  • Now you have to commit to a playstyle and stack stamina to get the full healing.
  • With 10k Health you get 16% healing from the 6 Piece Talent

  • Had some bugs when it first droped – the Berserker buff did not proc as often and that needed to be changed
  • So now the Berserker buffs procs more often, the notifications are better and now you can also chain 4 of them together when you have a good roll.

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