Update 1.7 - What you need to know

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Update 1.7 - What you need to know

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Update 1.7 has the goal to re-engage the community with the game, give new ways to play the missions and get new challenges with the Modifiers from the Global Events. The Commendation-System adds additional achievements to the game that should motivate you to try out new builds and weapons and reward you with Patches that can be added to your agent as a badge of honor. The Classified Gear Sets will be improved versions of the current Gear Sets, they have 5/6-piece bonuses and higher rolls than your current equipment. They will be introduced in groups with the Global Events.

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Important Changes
Patch Notes

Dev Blogs
When you want to read up on the official Articles, you can read these summaries. Just keep in mind, they were posted ahead of the PTS, so some things have changed since then:

Over the course of the PTS many things have changed and were moved around, this is the summary of all the things and changes you need to know to get a good start in Update 1.7:
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