State of the Game - August 17th, 2017 - Update 1.7 FAQs

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State of the Game - August 17th, 2017 - Update 1.7 FAQs

Postby JokerUnique » Thu Aug 17, 2017 6:16 pm


Here are the changes that were implemented with the August 17th maintenance.

  • Fixed an issue where agents would not always receive all Global Event token rewards for completing a mission while a Global Event activity modifier was active.
  • Cipher Key acquisition is no longer glitched
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During this State of the Game, Community Developer Yannick Banchereau sat down with Community Developer Hamish Bode to discuss Global Event leaderboards, masks, and maintenance updates.

Update 1.7
Here are the answers to some of the FAQs about Update 1.7:

What defines my position on the Global Event leaderboard?
  • Your rank is based on your best hour of gameplay during a Global Event
  • The system constantly counts the number of Global Event Tokens that you have earned in 60 minutes and then it selects your best performance during the entire global event
  • The score should never go down – that is currently a bug – the leaderboards also don’t reset during a Global Event.

Reason for this system
  • They did not want to go with a total playtime or average tokens / playtime
  • They choose the best hour – so that you can also play for just a couple of hours and still have a good chance to get the rewards

Will this system be changed?
  • They have seen the feedback
  • They also look into the suggestion to tie the leaderboards and the rewards to (for example) the Commendations for future Global Events
  • At the moment, they are looking into short- and long-term solutions to make it more interesting – but some possible changes also require a client-patch, so it could take some time. (not 1.8)
  • When you have suggestions for the leaderboards, posts them in the specific [ur=]suggestion forum[/url]

How do the Reward Tiers work?
The Global Event leaderboards have 3 Reward Tiers that define what reward you will get:

  • Tier 1 – lowest reward tier
    - Top 50% - 16% of all players
    - 1 Mask
  • Tier 2
    - Top 15% - 6% of all players
    - 2 Masks
  • Tier 3 – highest reward tier
    - 5%-1% of all players
    - 3 Masks

What Mask do I get?
  • The masks are assigned to specific Reward Tiers – so all Tier 1 players will all get the same mask
  • Each Global Event has new masks

Will Global Events return?
  • They have seen the feedback, that players like this Global Event
  • When it is popular they can bring it back and activate it again
  • Maybe even more often, but it is not the goal to keep them up permanently
  • Global Events can also be shorter than one week – a weekend for example
  • The goal is to shake things up and have fun.

Global Event - Outbreak Duration
  • It will end Tuesday 2pm CET – server will stay up

Classified Gear Drops after Global Event
  • The 3 Classified Gear Sets of the Global Event will be added to the general loot pool
  • They will have Exotic rarity
  • They will be included in all caches players currently find Exotics
  • They can also drop from the Named NPCs in the Dark Zone and the Open World (not Supply Drops)

Known Issues

Jamming of Bold-Action Snipers - M700
  • That is a known issue and they are looking into that – could be in connection with the RPM cap that they have implemented with 1.7.

  • Investigation is still ongoing

Encrypted Caches have the multiple identical items
  • Yes Encrypted Caches can contain the same item multiple times

Looking Forward
Survival Free Weekend
  • August 18th 3 PM CEST to August 20th 9 PM CEST!
  • You need to own the game
  • You get free access to the Survival content
  • Details: Link

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Re: State of the Game - August 17th, 2017 - Update 1.7 FAQs

Postby honda1945 » Sat Aug 19, 2017 12:42 am

just hope you can fix the lag in the game as it is very annoying
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