State of the Game: August 24th, 2017

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State of the Game: August 24th, 2017

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This State of the Game focused on the Global Event Leaderboard problem and how they are planning to fix it.

Global Event / Leaderboards
General Feedback
  • They have seen the feedback about the leaderboards and also agree with most of it
  • The reveal-trailer focused heavily on the masks but the reward system and the leaderboard was not transparent and confusing.
  • The other problem was, that the communicated reward tiers were not the entire big picture and because of that – as many have pointed out – the math did not add up
  • Just to clarify:
    - The Leaderboards are done per platform and not over the entire population
    - There was also a hidden rank system that was applied in the background - that was not communicated and that was also the source of the confusion

How to fix that – Part 1
  • They will go back to the leaderboards and will select the player based on the percentages that were communicated and reward the Masks manually.
  • That basically means, that when you logged in during the Global Event you should get a mask.
  • This will happen in the coming days and as before, the reward can be claimed from the Reward Claim Vendor

  • Tier 1:
    - Place in the top 85% to 31% of the community
    - 1 Mask

  • Tier 2:
    - Place in the top 30% to 11% of the community
    - 2 Mask

  • Tier 3:
    - Place in the top 10% to 1% of the community
    - 3 Mask

Leaderboards Fix Part 2
  • They will change the reward system and deploy a completely new one with the next Global Event
  • There was a lot of good feedback on the different forums and they will try to find a good mix
  • We don’t have an ETA for that, because they want to fix the reward system first and that will also require a client patch – but it will not take till 1.8

Stats with Yannick
The Commendations that were completed by the least amount of People
  • Falconer - 8 People
  • Flawless Incursion - 10 People
  • Survival Expert - 10 People
  • Gogglebox – 14 People
  • Flawless Incursion - Stolen Signal - 14 People

Known Issues
Bolt-action Sniper problem
  • They know about the issue and are working on a solution

Server Lag
  • The latency investigation continues and we have made some significant progress but it is still ongoing and we don’t currently have any concrete news to share. Stay tuned to future streams for developments on these topics!

Rainbow Commendation
  • New Character or another player can give you a white piece of gear.

Looking Forward
Global Event Assault
  • Is the next Global Event and that was also tested on the PTS
  • It is the one where NPCs do more damage over long distances.

Why aren’t all Commendations retroactive
  • Not everything was tracked from the beginning
  • So they decided that everything that you can redo in the game is not retroactive.

Classified Gear droprates between Global Event
  • They can drop 1% from caches – not Exotic Caches – and 3 % from Named Bosses in the DZ / LZ

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