State of the Game: September 21st, 2017

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State of the Game: September 21st, 2017

Postby JokerUnique » Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:25 pm


  • Fixed an issue where “GE – Assault” commendations were available prematurely. This fix will not affect any existing commendation progress.

Update 1.7.1 - Patch Notes
  • The Face Masks vanity rewards are now tied to Global Event Commendations instead of the Leaderboards. Global Event Leaderboards now reward a number of Classified Caches, the amount depending on an agent’s placement on the Global Event Leaderboards once the event ends.
  • Fixed an issue where agents would be prompted with an incorrect reward notification.
  • The first column in both Dark Zone Leaderboards and Global Event Leaderboards will now display Rank even though the text says Position.

  • Fixed a RPM related exploit.
  • Fixed an issue where agents could experience weapons jamming with low-RPM weapons, such as shotguns and marksman rifles.
  • Fixed an issue where an agent could get desynchronized if the agent cancelled the animation of entering cover with a combat roll.
  • Fixed a desynchronization issue which could occur after an agent jumped off a high structure.
  • Fixed a desynchronization issue which could occur during corner swaps.
  • Fixed a desynchronization issue which would occur when climbing off a prop and then quickly going into cover.
  • Fixed another desynchronization issue which could occur if the agent would perform a combat roll before finishing a cover to cover move.
  • Made several improvements in order to prevent various desynchronization issues.
  • Updated the description of the Striker’s set 4p bonus to now state that the bonus will be lost when exiting combat.

This week, Senior Design Lead Paul Turland and Designer James Norris from Ubisoft Leamington joined Hamish to discuss the changes coming to Underground in Update 1.8. Terry and Keith from Red Storm Entertainment followed with changes coming with the 1.8 PTS.

Hot Topics / Known Issues
RPM Glitch 2.0
  • The infinite RPM glitch was fixed
  • But there is still an issue, where you can stack it once
  • Players will not be banned for using that

Skill Haste Glitch
  • There is a glitch with Skill Haste and they are currently monitoring the situation and gathering reports

1.7.1 Character Movement Change
  • Was not intended to go live with 1.7.1
  • It is intended to be a part of the Chicken-Dance fix, but should have been tested on the PTS first to get community feedback
  • It is not set in stone and will be tweaked on the PTS with the rest of the Chicken-Dance fix

Update 1.8 PTS
Update 1.8 PTS on Consoles
  • Might be delayed – they are still aiming for September 26th, but at the moment that is not confirmed.
  • There will be a sign-up page for console players
  • More details about the selection criteria will follow
  • When you had access to the last Console PTS, you will have access to the 1.8 PTS

Update 1.8 PTS
  • Update 1.8 PTS starts tomorrow (September 22th) for PC players
  • Download will be available tomorrow - no exact time has been mentioned
  • Updates will follow on Twitter
  • PTS Forum will also be open tomorrow

Update 1.8 PTS Phase 1 Limitations
  • The dynamic events will be deactivated in West Side Piers – but you can explore the area and fight the enemies there.
  • Underground and Survival will be offline – don´t go there you will be stuck in an infinite loading screen
  • Tactician and Alpha Bridge 5/6 piece will not be available
  • Resistance is also offline
  • Lore and Collectibles will not be part of the PTS

Update 1.8 PTS Phase 1 Focus
  • Gear Optimization (everybody will get 4k D-Tech on PTS)
  • Rogue 2.0
  • Skirmish
  • West Side Piers Open World / Dynamic Spawn System
  • 6 New Classifieds
    - Predator’s
    - D3-FNC
    - FireCrest
    - Nomad
    - Banshee
    - Hunters Faith (got a complete rework – structured for more slower firing weapons)

Update 1.8 Underground
  • Has been in development for the last 6 months
  • The foundation was the community feedback, that it was not really rewarding and that there was no point to activate additional directives because they just rewarded Phoenix Credits.

  • The goal was to get players back into Underground again
  • Refresh the content and make it more rewarding and interesting

New Enemies
  • Hunters – the feared enemy from Survival – are now patrolling the Underground and they are after new Agents
  • They are unpredictable and they have a chance to spawn anywhere in the Underground
  • They also give you very good rewards.
  • There is always group-size plus 1 – so four players equal 5 hunters
  • They spawn from hard difficulty on and more frequent on challenging
  • They can spawn once per session and when you lose to them, they will not spawn again – but it is not guaranteed that you will see them.

New Room
  • The Rave room that was in the Underground tutorial mission is back in the rotation
  • You can encounter it randomly in different missions.

Directive Changes
  • The old directives were replaced with 5 new ones
  • The new ones are about testing “experimental tech” and those give you advantages but also disadvantages
    - Electrotech – (fast cooldown on skills, so you can use them more often but your UI is glitching out)
    - Shock Ammo – (Shock Ammo can be used against enemies but a cap is placed on its usage, shocking players if used excessively)
    - Other Directives will be added later

  • Checkpoints have been added to the Session, so that you don´t have to restart the whole mission.
  • You either start at the beginning of a phase or – depending on the progression - a couple of rooms back
  • This way it is less frustrating and more accessible

New Rewards
  • All Bosses in the Underground have now a chance to drop Exotics
  • Hunters in the Underground can also drop Exotics
  • There will also be an Underground Weekly Mission

Update 1.8 Balancing Changes
Adept Stacking Change
  • They did not intend to give players the power of 5 Adept stacks (but players found a way to keep that constantly up)
  • With 1.8 you will be able to get 1 Adept stack, but you can have that constantly up by refreshing the cooldown)
  • So you will have 7.5% buff from one stack.

Weapon Balancing
  • Slow firing weapons got a buff to get them more into the meta
  • Existing Exotics also got a balancing round - they usually got a handling and a damage buff

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