A small survival guide from Martin Hultberg

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A small survival guide from Martin Hultberg

Postby JokerUnique » Wed Feb 04, 2015 2:10 pm

In a new posted "Community Q&A" they've rounded up some community questions to the developers and posted them on the official page. Many of the questions were already known and posted earlier this month on MyDivision.net. But there is also a section where IP Developer Martin Hultberg explains the situation and how he would react.

The situation in new York after the disaster:
In a general sense people tend to go one of three ways in a disaster or crisis; some will become passive or simply not take action, others will do what they can to survive either as individuals or groups and then there are those that will try to take advantage of the situation for personal gain.

The problem with modern cities is that none of the essential goods needed for people to survive are actually produced there – everything has to be shipped in. When these shipments stop, cities will only have supplies for a day or two in most cases. Then all stores will be empty. When people start to realize food or water is running out, some will try to take matters into their own hands. This could cause looting, rioting and outbursts of violence.

Things to consider before, during and after the disaster:
  • Have three days supplies at home
  • Fill my tub and all containers I could find with water
  • Treat potentially unsafe water before drinking
  • Go to the store and get as much food and basic necessities as possible
  • Keep cash at home for this situation
  • Team up with neighbors
  • Anybody could be infected. Sick people should be Quarantined, bodies and contaminated material disposed of, social distancing maintained and hygiene is a top priority.
  • When interacting with people - cover your nose and mouth is a good start. Eyes and ears are also sensitive to the transfer of viruses.
  • I would barricade my home, cover windows and prepare to defend myself if looters or burglars break in.
  • Do foodruns with others, never alone
  • When interacting with others, wear gloves that you only use when going outside, discard them if they clearly become contaminated.
  • In the end I would personally try to assist whatever response or recovery effort was under way. Because the bottom line is this – a successful response to any disaster relies on the efforts of people.

This gives a very interesting perspective on how complicated the situation is and what has to be considered to survive the first days / weeks of the disaster - and maybe also what we can expect, when we wander through New York and meet/help the survivors.

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