State of the Game: October 5th, 2017

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State of the Game: October 5th, 2017

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Petter ran solo again this week and chatted with Creative Director Terry Spier and Lead Game Designer Keith Evans from Red Storm Entertainment about PTS 2 feedback and changes between testing phases.


October 2nd
  • Updated the loot table in the Dark Zone to include all exotics.
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October 5th, 2017
  • Updated Premium Vendor stock.
  • Fixed a bug for an upcoming Special Event.
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Update 1.8 PTS

Global Events will be tested
  • Global Event 3 / 4 will be tested on PTS
  • Currently they don´t have an exact time, when they will be active

Update 1.8 PTS Consoles
  • Still planning for next week
  • Still no specific date
  • They should know early next week and communicate as soon as they have an update
  • PTS 2 will run for a while, so you will have enough time.

PTS 2 Patch Notes
Today PTS 2 dropped, check out the patch notes here:

Short summary:
  • Underground and Resistance are live.
  • More West Side Piers Alerts are available.
  • Big Alejandro’s damage has been lowered and stacks are only increased when shooting near a target.
  • Nomad damage resiliency is lowered to 60%.
  • The minimum/maximum % damage bonuses on gloves for Assault Rifles, LMGs, Shotguns and Submachine Guns have been increased.
  • Players can earn D-Tech from deconstruction.

=> Patch Notes

PTS Recap and progression

  • They are happy with the selective activation of the content, that allows a more focused testing than before
  • That was also needed, because there is a lot of content to test

  • Big Alejandro was a bit OP
  • They wanted the weapon to be good, but it was too good
  • A lot of discussions about the Optimization Station

Rogue 2.0
  • They are happy, it is impossible to please everybody, but the response is good and the DZ almost feels like a new game mode.
  • It should also bring players back into the DZ

  • They have seen a lot of good matches
  • On PTS the Respawn timer will be longer, so that you spawn more as a group than single
  • That should balance the matches out more
  • Some numbers will be tweaked but it should work out good

Changes from PTS 1 / PTS 2
  • Big Alejandro was changed so that the Weapon Talent is more balanced and tactical
  • Nomad was intended as PVE Solo build, but it was also very strong in Skirmish with the damage resilience that could also activate multiple times. With the new 60% Damage Resilience it is still high, but more balanced in PVP
  • Damage buff on gloves has been raised

New on PTS 2
  • Tactician and Alpha Bridge have been added to the pool
  • Alpha Bridge removes your normal Signature Skill but gives you the opportunity to activate similar buffs while killing enemies. This will be fine-tuned in the next PTS but overall it should be front-line assault set that really gives you a reward for killing stuff. (you are also not affected by the Signature Skills from other players)

  • The new horde mode is also active, so check it out in West Side Piers.
  • Focus on wave 1-15, those are petty much finalized, after that PTS 2 has a lot of placeholder in the Endless Difficulties.
  • You will only face Legendary LMBs in the later waves, but Legendary versions of the other factions will also be added down the road)
  • Not all features are presently active, so there will be more special waves and difficulties to overcome that are currently not present.
  • Just keep that in mine when you give feedback.

West Side Piers
  • The missions and alerts are now active, so try them out and also check if the rewards are good.

  • Deconstructing weapons has a chance to give you Division Tech

  • Is now active as well
  • Test the new Directives and the new Hunter opponents.

Test Focus of PTS 2
  • Resistance Alerts in WSP
  • Underground
  • Global Events
  • The New Gear Sets
  • The Balance changes to the existing ones
  • Resistance waves 1-15 (Endless Difficulty will follow)

Upcoming changes in later PTS
  • D3-FNC will get changes so that you can hit a higher level of shield health to keep the shield viable
  • More West Side Piers alerts
  • Better UI feedback on the Classified Sets
  • Nailing the pacing of the West Side Piers and the dynamic spawn system
  • Fine-Tuning the Endless Difficulty and finalizing the variety there

Global Event Assault
There were some confusions about the Commendations and how you can unlock them – please check out that post, that is constantly updated as soon as we get more information:

=> "Assault" Commendations Clarification

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