State of the Game: October 12th, 2017

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State of the Game: October 12th, 2017

Postby JokerUnique » Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:51 pm


This week, Petter discussed the status of the console PTS and was joined by Gameplay Programmer Sam Collier and Lead Game Designer Mark Russell from Ubisoft Reflections to discuss all things Global Events.

Update 1.8 PTS:
Console PTS
  • The Console PTS is live since Tuesday
  • The mails that have been sent out were reminder-mails from the last PTS, for players that have not claimed their PTS code.
  • The Invites for new players are out now: Tweet

  • The Turret will be added back, so you will be able to get stacks from the Turret and also from your weapon.

  • PTS Phase 3 is confirmed, but we have no date to offer just yet. The patch notes will be posted closer to PTS3 release.

Global Event
Global Events Assault
  • Has been received very well
  • Players liked the faster time to kill
  • Changed up the gameplay and overall it was also fun
  • It was also great to see that so many players came back and pushed the servers to their limits

Factors to create a global event
  • Players know the content – so the goal is to change up the gameplay and the tactics to win in a new situation.
  • Players should play the content differently and that should also make the missions more exciting and interesting

Global Event PTS – Strike & Assault
New Token rewards
  • Amherst, Lexington and Clear Sky can be farmed fast, so on PTS you will now get less GE Tokens, when you complete these missions.
  • This should encourage you, to play the other missions, or missions from the Global Event playlist
  • They are currently taking feedback about this change and adjust it accordingly.

Strike – or Explosions!
  • Global Events should impact how player navigate a mission
  • Strike is all about explosions – explosions on the NPCs and explosions on the player
  • In Strike enemies that get killed drop a grenade that damage the other NPCs and when a player takes too much damage, he also explodes, takes damage and damages players around him.
  • So you need to spread out, so that you do not damage the players around you.

GE Strike – ToDo’s
  • The feedback has been good
  • They are currently improving the UI and the general notifications, so that the player knows exactly what happens when.

Global Event Ambush - or Take Cover!
  • Ambush should encourage player to return to the roots of the division – take cover and work from there and less face-tanking the NPCs
  • When you take cover, you get a damage buff, when you move around that buff slowly disappears and then you start to take damage
  • That slows down the gameplay
  • This is only active when you are in combat and in a mission with the Global Event modifiers.
  • So in this one you have to coordinate where to stand, when to move and really use the cover to use that damage buff.

Looking Forward
Special Event Weekend
There will be a Dark Zone Event next weekend, October 21-22. Players will receive extra rewards from Dark Zone supply drops on October 21, and supply drops will drop more frequently on October 22.

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