Pictures of Xbox One pre-alpha test leaked

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Pictures of Xbox One pre-alpha test leaked

Postby JokerUnique » Wed Mar 04, 2015 7:23 am

As Ryan Barnard said in the recent developer podcast, that they are running internal tests at the moment with people that have never seen The Division. A lot of rumored features that have been leaked over the last days support that, but now we have something concrete. Two pictures of these tests were leaked online:


Ubisoft now officially confirmed, that these are pictures form a Xbox One pre-alpha test that they are currently running and many of the gamefeatures have been deactivated:
These low resolution images and video originate from a pre-alpha test currently organized by the development team to evaluate the server infrastructure in a real world setting. A large portion of the game features have been removed in this build and therefore is not representative of the game's current quality. The team is focusing on providing the best experience for players, and we can't wait to show you more.

So these picture are no reference to the final game or even a beta-version.


Community Developer Antoine Emond also released a statement which emphasizes that this was a very early build for stresstests only and is not a reference to the final game:
Hey guys,

We are aware that you might have seen the leaked low resolution images and a video from a “pre-alpha” build of the game. To avoid confusion and speculation we want to point out that this build was purely for test purposes and is not representative of the game’s current state - nor the final quality we plan to deliver at release.

As you might know, an online game of this scale requires a vast amount of testing as we go through the various development stages. This early build was intended for testing server load only. Testing server performance is key to ensuring a smoother user experience, which is one of our main priorities.

We are working hard on the game in an effort to live up to your expectations and we look forward to when we can show you some new stuff!

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