State of the Game: October 26th, 2017

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State of the Game: October 26th, 2017

Postby JokerUnique » Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:03 pm


There was no State of the Game last week due to members of our team being away. Community Developer Petter Mårtensson is back this week to give general updates on PTS3 and Rogue 2.0.

Hot Topics
Update 1.8
  • We have no release date yet

Special Halloween Event
  • There was a miscommunication regarding a special Halloween event next week. To clarify, next week’s event is a Double Field Proficiency Caches Event.

Global Event Strike
  • Will come with 1.8 – we do not have an exact date yet

Global Event Commendations that are tied to DLC
  • That is because that Incursions like Dragon’s Nest just fit the theme of the Global Event
  • While some of the commendations are tied to payed DLC – you will still be able to get the masks when you don’t own the DLCs.

Absence of the Community Team
  • They were very busy with internal stuff and workshops and that was the reason why they were very silent and why the patch notes for PTS 3 are not up yet
  • They are sorry that they were absent but it was crazy busy, but that should return to normal soon.

End of PTS
  • The 1.8 PTS is ending on Tuesday, October 31.
  • With all the verification processes involved, there will not be a PTS Phase 3 on consoles.

PTS Feedback
They were listening to the feedback and here are some comments to the hot topics.

Rogue 2.0
  • Rogue 2.0 will happen
  • It will pretty much stay the same as it is on PTS when it goes live and then they will keep an eye on it
  • They will also keep an eye on the Time to Kill on PVP (because of the Stamina changes) and the initial Rogue Timer (19 second Rogue)
  • More updates will follow

Classified Strikers / Classified Nomad
  • They are intended as sets for solo-players
  • Classified Striker’s alongside Classified Nomad will also remain relatively unchanged when Update 1.8 goes live.
  • But they will also keep an eye on them

Predators Mark Classified
  • They are happy with it in PVE, but in some combinations, it can be very powerful in PVP
  • They will keep an eye on it

  • They have been tweaking this set over the course of the PTS and it is designed to be the ultimate Tank set.
  • As of now it will stay the way it is on PTS when it goes live

  • WSP Alerts are being adjusted for both solo and group players. We will have more information for everyone as soon as possible.

Global Event Token Reward
  • The Token Rewards for Amherst / Clear Sky / Lexington were lowered on PTS, that will NOT go live.
  • In GE Strike and GE Ambush you will get the same rewards for these missions as in GE Outbreak and GE Assault.

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