State of the Game - November 9th, 2017

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State of the Game - November 9th, 2017

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This week, Designer James Norris from Ubisoft Leamington is back to discuss more Underground in 1.8 with Petter and Terry.

Here are the changes that were implemented with the November 9th maintenance.
  • Fixed a bug in the Stolen Signal incursion where one of the JTF’s which needed protection during the “Protect the hostages” objective was invulnerable.
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Update 1.8
  • There is no release date for Update 1.8 at this time. The team is working hard to finalize the patch, and so more news will follow shortly.
  • The patch will come before the end of this year.

New Glitch
  • They are aware of a potential new glitch circulating around the community. They have already received reports and are currently investigating, but we encourage everyone to report more information on the matter if possible.

Underground 1.8
Underground got a big overhaul and many changes have been added to the oldest DLC to make it fresh again and also more accessible for more players.

Update 1.8 Goals
  • After a long brainstorming session with Ubisoft Reflections it was clear that they wanted to change two things:
    - Add tension back to the Underground
    - Change the way people play Underground. They saw clear pattern in the way players gear up and play Underground, so they wanted to break that up.
  • That is why the new Directives were implemented (the old ones will be completely replaced) and the Hunters were added as random encounter.
  • On top of that, they also wanted to make Underground more accessible, because many players still have not finished 3 phase 5 directive missions and with the new changes, they now have the opportunity to do that.

New Directives
  • The old Directives get completely replaced with new Directives.
  • They wanted to add a more risk/reward system to Underground and not just added difficulty. For example: now you lose the mini-map, but you can use your Skills more often.
  • This way you are not just punished, you also get something that you can incorporate into your build
  • With the new Directives, the content gets more interesting, it is not as punishing and you are also motivated to try out new builds specifically for Underground.

The Hunters – a new danger in the Dark
  • They are scary, they are dangerous and since they spawn randomly, they really shake up your routine.
  • This creates tension, you are outnumbered (always group-size plus 1) and that really makes a confrontation interesting when you are not prepared for it
  • They are different than the ones in Survival, so you need other strategies for them.
  • They can drop Classified and Exotic Items
  • They only come once per session, when you die to them, they will not attack again

Special Loot Crates
  • There will be new special loot crates that give you special rewards.
  • As you may have noticed, some loot crates you find in the Underground have paint on them – now these crates have a chance to drop exotics and classifieds

Better Rewards
  • To highlight this again:
    - Both Exotics and Classified Gear have a chance to drop from Hunters, all named Underground NPCs, as well as within Secret Crates scattered throughout the mode.

  • New Checkpoints have been added to the Underground to make it more accessible and less punishing
  • You can spawn at the beginning of the phase or a few rooms back – depending on your progression
  • That also gives you the motivation to try out these 3 phase mission, because you will eventually finish them.

New Special Rooms
  • The Rave room from the Underground tutorial is also back in the rotation
  • Other special rooms that were usually very rare, have now a higher chance to appear in the missions and that should also improve the experience
  • These special rooms also have a higher chance to have a special loot crate that was mentioned above.
Feebdack from the PTS
  • In general, the feedback has been very positive
  • The new Directives refresh the experience and also keep things interesting
  • Some said the Hunters were too easy, but they will keep it as it is.

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