Update 1.8 - Underground

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Update 1.8 - Underground

Postby JokerUnique » Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:28 pm


Underground was the first paid DLC that was dropped with 1.3. With Update 1.8 Underground got a general overhaul that covers the most frequent complains and not only provides a new experience with the new Directives, it also provides a new challenge with the Hunters and an overall better reward-system that also covers Exotics and Classified items.

  • After a long brainstorming session with Ubisoft Reflections it was clear that they wanted to change two things:
    - Add tension back to the Underground
    - Change the way people play Underground. They saw a clear pattern in the way players gear up and play Underground, so they wanted to break that up.
  • That is why the new Directives were implemented (the old ones will be completely replaced) and the Hunters were added as a random encounter.
  • On top of that, they also wanted to make Underground more accessible, because many players still have not finished 3 phase 5 directive missions and with the new changes, they now have the opportunity to do that.

New Enemies

  • Hunters – the feared enemy from Survival – are now patrolling the Underground and they are after new Agents
  • They are unpredictable and they have a chance to spawn anywhere in the Underground
  • With Vanity Masks, Exotics and also Classified items, they have a very rewarding loot pool
  • There will always group-size plus 1 Hunter – so four players will always face 5 hunters
  • They spawn from hard difficulty and more frequent on challenging difficulty
  • They can spawn once per session and when you lose to them, they will not spawn again – but it is not guaranteed that you will see them.
  • Like in Survival, Hunters have the ability to down you with one Melee attack when they get too close - so keep your distance.

Special Rooms
  • The Raveroom that was in the Underground tutorial mission is back in the rotation and you can encounter it randomly on different missions.
  • The other special rooms have now a higher chance to appear in missions.
  • These special rooms also have a higher chance to have a special loot crate that can drop classified items.

New Directives
  • Electro Tech
    New electro-tech gives the player vastly reduced cool-down on skills, however a side effect of this experimental technology causes disruption to other electrical systems while a skill is activate.
  • Adrenal Healing
    Agents are granted a constant adrenaline boost, restoring their health, however the extra intake means less frequent use is available for all healing abilities.
  • Kinetic Armor
    Experimental new gear that increases Agents armor as they increase their movement speed. Armor protection is significantly reduced when static.
  • Compensator
    Experimental tech that gives all weapons extra stability when firing down the sights; however due to weight of this tech Agents have decreased ammo capacity.
  • Shock Ammo
    Specially designed magazines allow for permanent shock bullets, but with constant fire this can cause it to be unusable for a short time and potentially shock the Agent.

  • Checkpoints have been added to the Session so that you don´t have to restart the whole operation.
  • You either start at the beginning of a phase or – depending on the progression - a couple of rooms back
  • This way it is less frustrating and more accessible for new players or those that never atempted 3 phase 5 directive operations.
  • When you want to leave the mission after a wipe, you can do so on the train.

Special Loot Crates
  • There will be new special loot crates that give you special rewards.
  • As you may have noticed, some loot crates you find in the Underground have paint on them – now these crates have a chance to drop exotics and classifieds

Better Rewards
  • Both Exotics and Classified Gear have a chance to drop from Hunters, all named Underground NPCs, as well as within Secret Crates scattered throughout the mode.
  • Hunters can drop vanity masks
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