Update 1.8 - Rogue 2.0

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Update 1.8 - Rogue 2.0

Postby JokerUnique » Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:35 pm


The Dark Zone has been part of the Endgame rotation since the game launched and since the early betas it always caused a lot of heated discussions. With Update 1.8 we get a new evolution of the Dark Zone that is a diret response to these discussions:

Goals of Rogue 2.0
  • Rogues are an important feature of the Dark Zone and they want to keep that tension
  • They also want lower the Rogue advantage and make the encounters fairer - now you get a notification once a player goes rogue and you have time to prepare.
  • It will take away the frustration that comes with accidental rogue
  • It will improve the Manhunt so that you are more motivated to go Manhunt and are better rewarded for surviving it

Rogue Toggle
  • Friendly fire is now disengaged, so to go rogue you need to hold the designated Rogue button for about a second
  • Once you have toggled the rogue mode, you are immediately flagged as rogue with a 60-second timer
  • Players around you will get a visual and an audio warning that an agent just went rogue. This way they have time to prepare for it.
  • If you can’t see the agent, you will still hear the audio notification
  • This is not a PVP-Flag like in other MMOs, it is just a declaration of intent - you will not be protected from PVP if you have not activated the rogue mode.
  • You have to press and hold “up” on console and “shift-R” on PC

Choice of going rogue or not
  • You have to choose to toggle on the Rogue mode and from then on you are flagged as rogue agent and can attack other players
  • When you are in a group and one of the players goes rogue, you will get a notification. You then have a chance to leave the group, before you are also flagged as rogue
  • That should also motivate players to group up more in the Dark Zone because this way you are more protected, when you don´t want to go rogue – you now have a chance to leave

Improved Manhunt
  • The five-minute timer has been removed from the Manhunt
  • Instead, once you have Manhunt rank, to clear it you have to hack into a SHD-Tech terminal to reboot your ISAAC
  • You don´t have a time limit to clear your Manhunt status, you can do it anytime you want
  • At this point, the other players can try to stop you, because they will get a mission notification to stop the players on Manhunt.
  • The hack time depends on multiple factors - the number of players in the group, manhunt level and also if there is a Banshee in the group.
  • The SHD-Tech Terminals are scattered across the Dark Zone and one is randomly chosen.
  • Once you have hacked a terminal, you get your rewards and become a normal agent again
  • The terminals are the same as the terminals from the Last Stand objectives.

Manhunt Rewards

  • Depending on your Manhunt level, you will get more Manhunt-Caches as rewards
  • These Manhunt Caches will have a chance drop the best loot in the game (Exotic & Classified)
  • The higher your Manhunt level is, the higher the chance is to get Classifieds and Exotics.
  • These Rewards are delivered straight to your inventory and don´t need to be extracted
  • Manhunt rank 5 is the highest rank, so killing more agents will not improve your rewards once you hit rank 5.


Rogue-Hunter Rewards
  • When you assist or kill a Manhunt player, you will get a Bounty-Cache.
  • If there are various groups of players trying to kill the Manhunts, all groups will receive the rewards if they are successful.
  • Those caches will also have a chance give you the best rewards possible
  • These rewards are delivered straight to your inventory and don´t need to be extracted

New / Old tactics
  • Grenade spamming should be lowered with the new classified Final Measure and they are also tweaking the effectiveness of specific grenades (shock grenades will not be the easy kill). Grenades also have an increased cooldown.
  • Body Blocking is a non-issue now since there is no accidental rogue problem anymore and blocking bullets is just stalling the combat
  • When you die as a Rogue, you will re-spawn as non-rogue. However, if members of your team are still Rogue, then you will also become rogue if you are within a certain distance of them.

Cutting Rope
  • Still makes you rogue
  • Cutting Rope also increases your Manhunt level

Dark Zone
No new Dark Zone Brackets
  • Players are still on the same power level, they just get nearer and nearer to the normalized powers they have in Last Stand
  • That is why there is no need for new brackets.
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