Update 1.8 - Optimization Station

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Update 1.8 - Optimization Station

Postby JokerUnique » Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:37 pm



  • Gear Optimization is the next evolution of gear improvement - now you have another way to improve your gear and get the maxed-out rolls that you experience in the normalized Last Stand
  • This allows players to chase the perfect build by rolling best-in-slot stats for every piece of gear available.
  • You can optimize your weapons and gear items.
  • You can find the Optimization Station in Camp Clinton (the new social area in West Side Piers) and in the Terminal
  • Each time you optimize, you increase the stats of the marked attributes of a weapon or a gear item until you have a fully optimized piece.

Non-optimized Gear:
Gear Item

Optimized Gear

Optimizing one gear item or one weapon costs:
  • 50 Division Tech
  • 250,000 Credits

You can get Division Tech in the Dark Zone and from various activities in the new West Side Piers area

New Gear Score
  • Because of the new optimization mechanic, your Gear Score now ranges from 256 – 286 for normal gear in World Tier 5
  • The Gear Score now does not just reflect the Gear Score of your items, but also their quality.
  • GS 256 is now the lowest Gear Score you can get on World Tier 5, but you can optimize the gear up to 286 and with Classifieds even higher.
  • This way you also get a better understanding of your build, your power, and the loot quality when you sort through your items.

No new World Tier
  • Many players have farmed their gear over the summer and many still don´t have all or any exotics. That is the reason why they did not want to introduce a new World Tier and push the reset button.
  • With Classified Gear Sets they have already introduced new items to chase and they also have new ways to increase the difficulty (for example the new Resistance mode)
  • There are so many new things to chase, so there is no real need for a new World Tier
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