Update 1.8 - Resistance

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Update 1.8 - Resistance

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In Resistance, the enemy factions have rallied themselves against a common goal - to kill the Agents of the Division. In this mode, all players have a massive target painted on their back. Rioters, Rikers, LMB, and Cleaners are hunting together, and they’re more than prepared to let the bullets fly.

  • This horde-mode has been tailored for PVE players
  • West Side Piers gives you into an introduction to the new enemy (all factions together) and that leads you to the new Resistance activity
  • You can play this mode solo or in groups – the content will scale
  • You have to be level 30 to play Resistance

  • Intelligence Annex #17: Against the Resistance => Link

  • There are three Resistance maps: The Carrier / Pier 93 / The Powerhouse
  • They are similar to the Skirmish maps but a lot bigger
  • You will start in one area and then you can unlock new areas by unlocking/opening doors with the SHD-Tech you gather by killing NPCs
  • Each of them are different, require other tactics and especially when you are in for long sessions, you need to plan from the beginning where to go, what to unlock and where you want to be on specific waves.

  • Carrier (fast-paced combat aboard the inner sanctions of a monumental NYC aircraft carrier)
    - map
  • Pier 39 (shipping containers, barges, and construction equipment )
    - map
  • Powerhouse (dark sewer systems and close-knit tunnels)
    - map

Waves / Hazards
  • There are infinite waves in this game mode
  • As you are going through the waves there are specific difficulty-checkpoints where the NPCs get a buff in a combination of toughness / DPS and exotic ammunition
  • There are no checkpoints, when you wipe as a group you are done – but you can revive yourself as long as one player is alive.
  • The lower difficulties (Wave 1-15) prepare you for the later waves and the Endless Difficulty

The first 15 waves are the tutorial waves that introduce you to the different dangers and mechanics of Resistance. The NPCs start as normal and veteran enemies and then get stronger to Legendary Difficulty NPCs. After wave 15 the Endless Difficulty starts and that mixes all introduced dangers with enemies from all factions and stacks that with hazards that become increasingly difficult (higher contamination values etc). Once you hit the Endless Difficulty you get a completely random mix of the different hazards, NPC buffs and objectives that forces you to go out of your cover and perform tasks and depending on the waves, they will get increasingly difficult.

Wave Progression
  • Normal / Hard
    - 1 - Start
    - 2 - Intro area
    - 3 - Danger: EMP disruption defected / enter main area
    - 4 - Stop Data Breach
    - 5 – Bosswave – Normal NPCs like Larea Barret / Drones
  • Challenging
    - 6 - Danger: SHD Interacts offline / Drones
    - 7 - Danger: SHD Interacts offline / Drones
    - 8 - Stop Data Breach
    - 9 – Danger: High Level of Contamination (Level 5) / Drones
    - 10 – Bosswave – Cleaners - 4 Horsemen / Joe Ferro / single big boss
  • Legendary
    - 11 - Danger: SHD Interacts offline / Drones
    - 12 - Danger: SHD Interacts offline / Drones
    - 13 - Danger: EMP disruption defected / Drones
    - 14 – Danger: High Level of Contamination (Level 6) / Drones
    - 15 – Bosswave – 3 Hunters
  • Endless Difficulty

In the different waves, you not only face increasingly powerful enemies - you also face hazards and enemy buffs that will be randomly combined in later waves. These hazards increase the difficulty and give you an additional challenge.

  • High Level of Contamination
    This hazard results in a level 5 and higher contamination level that will constantly damage the players. You have to counter that with either your Support Station Skill or the Support Station Fortification. Just keep in mind, that players will not be able to revive you when you are dead, so stick with your group. It is best to work with the Support Station Fortification - it gives you constant healing that counters the Contamination Effect and makes survival - also in random groups - a lot easier.

    You find the Support Station Fortification in these areas:
    - Carrier
    => Ramp 01 (1500) => Control room (1500)
    => Bay 01 (5000) => Control Room (1500)
    - Powerplant
    => Storage (5000)
    - Pier
    => Staging (3000) => Shipping (2500) – or 5000 direct
    => Delivery Dock (1500) => Showroom (1500)

  • SHD Interacts offline
    When this hazard is active, you can´t interact with any of the Fortifications or restock crates. That means, you also can´t repair the fortifications and therefore you also need to take extra care of them, so that they don´t get destroyed. When this hazard is announced it is best to restock and repair your Fortifications in the break between waves.

  • EMP disruption defected
    When this hazard is active, you basically experience an EMP blast from specific NPCs that will scramble your UI. You will see an Icon above the NPC that emits the EMP.

  • NPC Buffs
    In addition to the listed hazards above, the NPCs can also get random buffs:
    - NPC's damage
    - Damage resistance
    - Shock/fire ammo

Special Waves
  • Every 3 waves you have a critical objective that you have to complete
  • Every 5 waves there is a Boss wave
  • These Special Waves are milestones in the Resistance Progression and also give you an indication how you did in comparison to the last session.
  • These special waves have timers on them, so you are forced out of cover to complete these tasks as fast as possible.
  • When you fail to finish the objectives in the allotted time, it results in a team-wipe and the session is over.

Stop Data Breach
In the special objective waves, you have 3 minutes to complete a task. For example capture a point that is somewhere on the map. These happen in wave 4 and 8 and are something you need to plan for - especially when the capture points are on the other side of the map. They happen more random after wave 15 and sometimes you are even forced to open a door to reach the objective - so always keep some spare SHD-Tech around, so that you can unlock the required door.

Boss Waves
  • Boss Waves include one or more Named NPC that you need to kill.
  • You will have 4 minutes to kill the boss
  • These named NPC will drop loot that you can collect and keep
  • You will encounter the same bosses from the Missions (Joe Ferro, Larae Barret, Hornet etc.) and they also have a chance to drop the Exotic item that is assigned to them.
  • As long as the boss is not killed, the NPCs will spawn indefinitely.
  • In later waves you will also encounter Hunters that will require the entire team to work together to bring them down.

  • The goal is to survive the different waves and difficulties
  • When you kill NPCs, they will drop SHD-Tech and that is your currency in Resistance.
  • With the SHD-Tech you can buy items that you find on the Resistance map.
  • You can buy
    - Fortifications that you know from Last Stand
    - There is also a new Support Station Fortification
    - You can also repair and upgrade the fortifications (Turrets get fire ammo / the Pulse Station gives you more critical hit chance etc)
    - Restock your ammo / med-kits / grenades / consumables for you or the whole team
  • When the Fortification is destroyed you have to start the upgrade process again – so keep an eye on them and repair them when it is necessary)
  • You will need to find a strategy where to hold up, what to upgrade and what to keep – especially for the later waves.

As you move through Resistance, you can unlock more areas by opening doors across the map. These doors have different unlock prices – so you’ll need to think about which door you want to unlock to get where you want to at the right time. When you look at the doors you see icons representing what is behind the door and that can help you decide which door to unlock.

The prices range from 1250 to 7500 and sometimes the most expensive door is not the best idea to unlock at the beginning and sometimes instead of opening a 5000 door, there is a way around it that is cheaper. As you play Resistance, you will find routes that give you the best survival rate.

The currency of Resistance is SHD-Tech. Each time you kill an NPC they will drop SHD-Tech (like in Last Stand) and each player can pick the cash up. You can see your cash amount on top of the screen and the cash of the other players besides their names. So when you want to buy something but don´t have enough funds, ask another player with enough SHD-Tech to unlock the item. Just keep in mind, you should always keep enough SHD-Tech around to at least restock your ammo between waves.

Fortifications are placed all around the map and they have the same function as in Last Stand. Turrets fire on any incoming NPCs, Pulse beacons constantly mark NPCs and give you a critical hit chance buff while the Support Station basically has the same function as your Support Station skill and is essential for later contamination waves. The all cost 500 SHD-Tech to unlock, need to be repaired and can be upgraded.

  • Turret
    - Upgrade will increase it's HP, damage, range
    - Special Upgrade: increase chance for shock ammo and fire ammo
    - Cost: 500
  • Pulse
    - A long-standing device that pluses all NPCs within its huge range.
    - Upgrade will increase it's HP, range, Pulse duration.
    - Special Upgrade: increase crit damage chance and damage
    - Cost: 500
  • Support Station
    - Upgrade will increase it's HP, healing speed, range
    - Special upgrade: increase chance for immunity of status effect and the chance for reloading without ammo costs (have a cap)
    - Cost: 500

When a Fortification is damaged, you can repair it for 330 SHD-Tech.

  • Each Fortification can be upgraded multiple times. Each time the Fortification gets more health, more damage and also special abilities like Fire-Ammo for the Turret.
  • Upgrades increase in price the more you upgrade a fortification. The cost caps at 2000 SHD.

Restock and Caches
All around the map you will find restock caches that help you through the fight. You can either restock yourself or restock the entire group. Restocking the group costs more SHD depending on the numbers of player in the group.

  • Ammo
    Personal 250
    Group 1000 (4 player)
  • Grenades
    Personal 250
    Group 1000 (4 players)
  • Exotic Ammo
    Personal 500
    Group 2000 (4 player)
  • Med-Kit
    Personal 250
    Group 1000 (4 player)
  • Food & Drink
    Personal 500
    Group 2000 (4 players)

Reward Cache
Behind the most expensive door, there is a Reward Cache that rewards each member of the group with an Exotic Item. The prices are 1-4k depending on the number of players in the group.

  • Beating boss waves will give you loot straight into your inventory
  • You will also get Resistance Caches that drop with Tiers on them.
  • Resistance Caches have in total five tiers and when you have reached Tier 5 caches, you have also the best chance to get classified and exotics items.
  • Each Cache Tier has its own loot table that should also reward you accordingly.
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