Update 1.8: Resistance - What you need to know

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Update 1.8: Resistance - What you need to know

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This is the biggest update The Division has received since launch. We get an expansion of the Open World (West Side Piers & Underground update), we get two more Game Modes (Resistance / Skirmish), we get four new Exotic Weapons and eight new Classified Gear Sets.

This is a short summary that should get you started, it lists all the changes and links to the different Wiki entries that explain the different activities. So check them out and get hunting.

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Change Summaries

Map Expansion
With West Side Piers we got two new Districts to the open world that have a unique dynamic spawn system, unique missions, the four factions work together and you have a new way to farm Division Tech.

=> Summary West Side Piers

New Game Mode: Resistance
This is The Divisions take on horde-mode. Endless waves of enemies that get stronger and stronger, big areas that you can unlock one section at a time and various ways to get help from Fortifications.

=> Summary Resistance

New Game Mode: Skirmish
This is pure and classic 4v4 Team Death Match - no NPCs and no additional tasks. You can Matchmake and join through the Last Stand queue in the Terminal.

=> Summary Skirmish

Underground Changes
With Update 1.8, Underground got new Directives and new enemies that roam the underworld of New York. The Hunters have chosen their new hunting ground and they will attack you randomly during hard and challenging missions!

=> Summary Underground 1.8

Rogue Changes
The Rogue mechanic has been a hot topic since launch. With Rogue 2.0 this system gets a complete overhaul that addresses some of the most frequent complaints (like accidental Rogues) and it also gives the Dark Zone a completely new flair.

=> Summary Rogue 2.0

The New Optimization Station
The Optimization Station allows you to increase the bad rolls on your gun one increment at a time to finally get the perfectly rolled item you always wanted.

=> Summary Optimization Station

New Classified Gear Sets
With 1.8 we also get the remaining eight Classified Gear Sets that will drop with the different Global Events:

=> Summary Gear Sets

New Exotic Weapons
With 1.8 we get four new Exotic Weapons - 2 MMRs, 1 SMG and 1 LMG that give a new flavor to the weapon pool:
  • The House
  • Big Alejandro
  • Heel
  • Devil

Summaries and Guides
New Player Guide

When you are completely new to The Division, you can read this beginners guide. It explains most of the basic mechanics that you encounter in the sub-30 and in your campaign experience before you hit endgame.

Patch Notes
Read the Patch Notes here: Link
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