State of the Game - December 7th, 2017

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State of the Game - December 7th, 2017

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Update 1.8 Free Weekend

We will be hosting a Free Weekend Event to celebrate the launch of Update 1.8! All Agents will have access to the game for free during the following periods:

PC (Uplay and Steam):
  • Servers open: 12/7/2017 @ 18:00 UTC
  • Servers close: 12/10/2017 @ 21:00 UTC

Consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4):
  • Servers open: 12/7/2017 @ 07:00 UTC
  • Servers close: 12/11/2017 @ 07:00 UTC

During the event, the Standard Edition of The Division will be up to 70% off, with the Season Pass being up to 60% off. Do not forget that progress during the Free Weekend is saved if players purchase the game. For more information, please visit our Free Weekend home page. Happy hunting!

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Yannick is back this week with Community Developer Petter Mårtensson to discuss how 1.8 is progressing alongside details about the upcoming Global Event—Strike.

Hot Topics

Update 1.8
  • Has launched this week and the 24h Stream was also successful.
  • The community is happy with the update, the feedback was awesome and they also want to thank the community for their support.

24h Stream
  • They want to thank everyone that came and hung out with them
  • The Twitch Drops were also a success – but there was also a delay until they were delivered and some also did not get them – that is being investigated.
  • They plan to do the Twitch Drops again sometime in the future

Global Event 3 - Strike
  • Starts next Tuesday (December 12th)
  • Classified Sets: Nomad, Predator, D3-FNC, Banshee
  • There will be new Global Event specific Commendations
  • There will be new masks that are tied to Commendations
  • Vanity Sets and Weapon Skins can be unlocked on the leaderboards

Global Event 3 - Strike Modifiers
  • Handle With Care
    Always active; enemies explode after a delay when killed.
  • Pre-emptive Strike
    Strike behavior, plus too much damage triggers a small explosion on the Agent.
  • Tactical Strike
    Pre-emptive Strike behavior, plus Strike explosions mark nearby enemies. Marked enemy kills damage all enemies. Ally to ally explosion damage is increased.

Stats with Yannick

How many Exotic Caches were opened on all platforms in the first 24h of Update 1.8?
  • During the first 24-hours of Update 1.8 being live, a grand total of 769,358 exotic caches were opened across all three platforms.

The biggest number of caches per player:
Top 3:
  • 267
  • 256
  • 254

How many player had less than 15 caches?
  • Out of the players who opened exotic caches on 1.8’s launch, 75% of these players opened less than 15 caches.

How many players had more than 200 caches?
  • 45 Players had more than 200 caches

Known Issues

World Tier 4
  • Some players started in World Tier 4 – just set it to WT 5 again.

Server Crashes / Deltas
  • Crashes and deltas that happened over the last couple of days were fixed during the maintenance
  • But here are also many players on the servers, so keep that in mind

Stash Sorting
  • This is being investigated if it is intended or a bug

Pulse issue
  • This is being investigated


Update Next?
  • Update 1.8 is not the last time they will touch the game
  • At the moment they do not have any big announcements what happens next.

Xbox One X Enhancement?
  • It will be added, but currently they don't have a specific date

Are changes planed for Survival?
  • Nothing concrete is currently planned.

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