State of the Game: December 14th, 2017

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State of the Game: December 14th, 2017

Postby JokerUnique » Thu Dec 14, 2017 8:24 pm


Petter is back this week with Community Developer Yannick Banchereau to discuss the ongoing Global Event - Strike, provide a quick overview of some issues currently present in the game and the return of Stats with Yannick!

Here are the changes to be implemented with the December 14th maintenance.
  • Fixed a bug where agents could get World Tier 5 cache rewards from Resistance while in World Tier 1.
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Hot Topics

Global Event 3 – Strike
  • The new Global Event is live and there are EXPLOSIONS!
  • Global Event 3 has been extended to December 20th, 12:00 UTC – BECAUSE REASONS!

Stats with Yannick

How many Exotics have been equipped since Update 1.8 was launched
  • The House
    59 000
  • Big Alejandro
    52 000

D-Tech Spent since Update 1.8 launch
300 000 000

How many times has the rogue toggle been activated since Update 1.8 launch
2 300 000

How many players have been killed by Hunters in the Underground since Update 1.8 launch
840 000 Players

How many Global Event Tokens have been collected in the first 24h of Global Event 3
3 500 000 000 GE Tokens

How many Superior Strike Caches have been opened in the first 24h of Global Event 3
1 800 000

How many times was Lexington completed in the first 24h of Global Event 3
2 500 000

Known Issues

Latency and Deltas
  • Servers are being hammered, so there can be latency and server disconnects (mike and deltas)
  • The peak was at launch of the Global Event 3 but it is better now

Items that disappear from inventory after sharing
  • This is a visual bug – it just needs a relog

Pulse spamming
  • That does not impact the stats

Gear Score decreases
  • There is apparently a bug in the Optimization Station, where it displays you a higher Gear Score than it should be. This is under investigation

Expansion stash problem in Skirmish
  • This is being investigated and should be addressed as soon as possible

Give Feedback

We would love for the community to give us feedback regarding the new Resistance PvE game mode in this thread.
This thread will be open to gather feedback until Saturday, 16th of December.

» ... ack-Thread

Looking Forward
State of the Game next week
There will be a State of the Game next week

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