State of the Game: December 21st, 2017

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State of the Game: December 21st, 2017

Postby JokerUnique » Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:31 pm


This was the last State of the Game of 2017. Yannick and Hamish looked back on a very eventful year, brought some statistics and also teasers for next year.

Maintenance Friday
  • There will be a maintenance on Friday
  • Fixes:
    - Fixed a bug with the "Secret Mission" mission where agents were sometimes unable to interact with an NPC, which prevented agents from completing the mission.
    - Fixed a bug with the "Secret Mission" mission where if a group of agents completed the mission only the group leader would receive the weapons cache reward.

Hot Topics
Encrypted Holiday Caches
They are also implementing a new Encrypted Cache for a limited time with new holiday-themed items. This cache will be available from December 22 to January 11 and all players who log in during the event will be rewarded five cypher keys for free.

Predator / Nomad / Striker
  • They want to let the meta settle for the moment and see how it develops
  • So far they do not have urgent plans to change any of these Classified Gear Sets
  • There are also four Classified Gear Sets pending to be added with Global Event 4
  • When all Classified Sets are in the game, they will do another pass to see if a balance is needed or not.

Stats with Yannick - Global Event 3
Lexington Event Center completed over the whole Global Event 3
10 869 470 (10% of the entire lifetime of the game)

How many Global Event tokens were earned over the whole Global Event 3
15 799 810 754

Superior Caches opened over the whole Global Event 3
10 284 302

How many players completed all 21 Commendations to Global Event 3
1 385

Looking Forward
State of the Game
No State of the Game next week

Double Field Proficiency Caches Event
There will be a Double Field Proficiency Cache Event between December 26th – 28th

Global Event 4
Should be at the end of January – no specific date yet

Xbox One X Patch
No specific date yet

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