State of the Game: January 11th, 2018

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State of the Game: January 11th, 2018

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Happy New Year, I hope you had a good start.
This is the first State of the Game this year, Global Event 4 was confirmed, we got a sneak peek what will happen to the State of the Game in the future and some Known Issues were addressed.

Here are the changes that were implemented in the January 11th maintenance.

  • Fixed an issue where agents who do not own any DLC could get locked out of the Skirmish activity due to having items in their expansion stash. These items will now automatically drop to the ground for these agents.
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Hot Topics
State of the Game next
  • As announced last year, they want to make some changes to the State of the Game
  • Like in every live game, there is not always news to talk about, so they want to diversify the content.
  • In the future it will not only include news but also what is happening around the game, what the community is doing and so on.
  • This way, they still can do it every week, even though there is no specific news.
  • There will be a transition, but they want to start it next week.
  • They will announce beforehand, if it is just a “community” State of the Game or if there will be news

Holiday Crates have been removed
With this maintenance, the Holiday Crates have been removed from the Premium Vendor

Global Event 4
  • Global Event 4 – Ambush will start Tuesday, January 23
  • It will run for 7 days
  • Classified Gear Sets
    - AlphaBridge
    - FireCrest
    - Hunter’s Faith
    - Tactician’s Authority.

Nerf everything?!?
  • There have been rumors floating around that they are going to nerf “Stuff”
  • Currently, there are no plans to nerf anything, not Predators or any of the other Gear Sets that are currently being discussed by the community.
  • Unless you hear something officially – there are no plans to balance anything.
  • Currently we have three sets that are more popular than the others, but they want to see how the four new sets move the meta.
  • Until then, any change is premature and could cause more issues down the road
  • Balancing changes might happen, but at the moment, nothing is planned.

Year 3
  • There are many questions floating around about year 3, what is coming and what is not
  • They are not going anywhere, there is a future for The Division, they are working on “stuff” at the moment, but they are not ready to talk about it.
  • At the moment they are focusing on Update 1.8 and finishing up the transition.
  • They will tell you about Year 3 when they are ready, so please be patient.

Known Issues
Invincibility Glitch
  • They know about the Invincibility Glitch that appeared this week
  • They are investigating the issue
  • At the moment they have not seen a way to reproduce the glitch – so it could be a bug
  • If you have a way to do this glitch reliably – please email that to
  • At this moment, they are trying to reproduce it, but even the original player who did the video, could not reproduce it again - so it is very difficult to fix

Commendation Patch Bug
  • There is a bug where already unlocked Commendations did not get an updated patch
  • They are working on that

Looking Forward
State of the Game
There will be State of the Game next week

Xbox One X Patch
No date as of now

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