State of the Game - January 25th, 2018

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State of the Game - January 25th, 2018

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Maintenance Patch Notes
Here are the changes that were implemented with the January 25th maintenance.

  • Completed Manhunts wouldn’t progress the “Manhunted” Commendation
  • Infinite enemies could be spawned while playing Resistance
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Global Event Ambush
Ambush is live and will stay up until next Tuesday

Stats with Yannick
Everything in the first 48 hours of Global Event Ambush

Amount of Global Event Tokens earned
6.7 Billion

This translates to 4.3 million Superior Ambush Caches opened.

How many Superior Caches have been purchased
4.3 Million

How many people obtained the Mask Cage
126 000

How many people obtained the Mask Bug
129 000

How many people obtained the Mask Haze
15 000

How many times have the missions if the Playlist been completed (rounded values)
  • Broadway Emporium: 323 000
  • Queens Tunnel: 680 000
  • Police Academy: 411 000
  • Time Square: 706 000
  • Dragon's Nest: 175 000

How many players have completed all 19 Commendations of GE Ambush

Looking Forward
Balancing of the Gear Sets
  • There are still no plans to change the Gear Sets as of now
  • They are listening to the feedback and then go from there
  • Metas take time to establish themselves, so they are waiting and see how it develops

State of the Game next week
There will be most certainly be a State of the Game next week.

XBox One X Patch
Unfortunately, they do not have any more news to share on Xbox One X Patch and they will follow up with more information as soon as possible.

Battle Royale for Survival
Nothing is announced yet - it will probably not happen

Droprate increase of Classifieds
Currently they don't have an exact date, when the droprates will be increased but they are looking at them and go from there

Rewards for Survival
They are aware that the rewards are not that high, but as of now Survival is more intended as an experience as something to get good rewards.

Classified Exotics
Nothing planned as of now

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