State of the Game: February 8th, 2018

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State of the Game: February 8th, 2018

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Here are the changes that were implemented with the February 6th maintenance.

  • Fixed an issue involving the Classified AlphaBridge gearset.
  • Fixed a UI issue in which gear optimizations may reset between sessions.
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This was another community-focused State of the Game that addressed the maintenance and how Rogue 2.0 impacted the Dark Zone.

Hot Topics

Emergency Maintenance
  • Even though it just fixed two small issues, it was a big update – but that was just because to fix one thing, you have to change and override other code and so on.
  • They also have NOT changed classified drop rates, which is still work in progress (more details about that will follow)
  • The NPCs were also NOT buffed or changed in any way.

CronusMAX Situation
  • There has been a lot of talk about the CronuxMax on Consoles
  • They are not ignoring the issue, they are aware of the issue
  • It is a very complex problem that also involves other parties than just Ubisoft/Massive
  • They are looking at it, but they currently cannot comment on it.

Player invites to The Division discussions
  • Some E-Mails have been shared that invited some players to discussions about The Division
  • This is purely a marketing-study (those are done on a regular basis) and has no connection to production.
  • So this is also not a “Mini-ETF”, it is just a marketing thing.

Rogue 2.0 – How is it doing

Rogue 2.0 Situation after launch
  • Had positive effect on the Dark Zone
  • The impact also provides good data about the Dark Zone and the players
  • It is still a hot topic in discussions with positive and negative arguments

Player Death development since Update 1.8 launch
  • The player deaths in PVP has changed since 1.8 was introduced
  • PVP-deaths dropped a bit after 1.8 launched, but now they are rising again.
  • At the moment the PVP-deaths are still high, so Rogue 2.0 did not have such a big impact, but this is apparently, what the community wants.


Players in the Dark Zone
  • There was a big dip in the Dark Zone activity when 1.8 launched, but now the players are back in huge numbers
  • The players got their gear during the Global Events and from the new game modes, and now they are grinding D-Tech in the Dark Zone or engage in PVP


They like the added challenges for Rogues
  • It is interesting to see that even though the Rogues have lost some of their advantages with Rogue 2.0, they are already adapting and the PVP kills are going up again.


X-Box one X Patch
Still no update or date on that one.

Looking Forward

No State of the Game
There will not be a State of the Game next week

Double HVT rewards
Double HVT rewards will be active starting tomorrow, February 9th. (Twitter)

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